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The Talk is True: To Spend Money, You Need Money

How much would you like to bet that most people didn’t know August 14th was National Financial Awareness Day? For those that were aware, they may […]

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Student’s Eyes for Back to School

As you know, the 2021-2022 school year is just around the corner. You might be stocked up on your child’s supply lists–what they want and what […]

Four Important Things to Prep for Going Back to School

Summer is ending. Although that might make most sad, it’s important to remember that a new school year means new beginnings for not only students, but […]

Reducing your Sugar Intake with 5 Easy Steps

Let’s talk about sugar. Are you aware of your intake? Fast food, sugary drinks and life-on-the-go can make eating well feel like picking your way through […]

Yes, it is Possible to Get Children Involved in Your Workout Routines

National Exercise with Your Child Week pops up the first seven days in August every year. It’s a good reminder that healthy parents make for healthy […]

How a Garden Refresh Could Save your Crops Come Fall

Did you try your hand at a green thumb when we posted about gardening in March? If so, it’s time to evaluate the state of all […]

Four Ways to Make the Best of Family Reunion Month

After a long, hard past year of quarantine and social distancing, the month of July — or National Family Reunion Month — is the perfect time […]

24/7 Safety: Keep your Home, Work and Community Protected

National Safety Month is celebrating its 25th anniversary this June. The month is dedicated to helping keep each other safe in the workplace. However, for a […]

Reflect on Your Lifestyle Choices this Men’s Health Week

Father’s Day is right around the corner. What better way to celebrate Dad, and all the other men in your life, than by recognizing National Men’s […]

Six Reasons why Seniors Should be Active Daily

Our elders are the backbone of our communities. We learn values, family history and traditional practices through them and their experiences. This week, let’s honor our […]