Yes, it is Possible to Get Children Involved in Your Workout Routines

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Yes, it is Possible to Get Children Involved in Your Workout Routines

National Exercise with Your Child Week pops up the first seven days in August every year. It’s a good reminder that healthy parents make for healthy kids and that physical fitness can be a fun, family affair.

Take this week to reflect on your current family fitness habits. If you think that some could be changed or strengthened, start now! It’s never too late to begin developing healthy habits that your youth will take with them in the future. As you know, they are always watching.

When you set an example of a healthy lifestyle, your children take note and are more likely to follow. Encourage physical fitness by making your workout their workout too!


Dancing is an excellent form of exercise. Turn on your child’s favorite song or local radio station and get to moving! If you have more than one child, designate a certain day for each to pick a playlist. Show them the moves you broke out on the dance floor all those years ago. Embarrass them. They’ll love it–or, at the very least–remember it.

Running outside

Playing any sort of sport outside is another great way to not only get exercise, but get some fresh air out of the deal, too! It doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, soccer or just chasing around the kiddos from one end of the backyard to the other – as long as you’re making the most of it (and taking breaks as you see fit) you’re doing it right.


If you like the idea of sticking outdoors, swimming is an option as well! Before you go to your local pool, be sure to check your community’s COVID-19 guidelines. If you get the green light, take note of our article a few weeks ago on sun safety! Stay hydrated and reapply that sunscreen when swimming outside..

Family exercises do not need to end there! A lot of other creative ideas can be thought of, whether it’s going on a neighborhood walk, hiking the trails or riding a bike. As long as they are getting your heart rate up, you’re good to go. What’s better? You’re bonding with those you love and sharing the joy of fitness together!