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Todd in his younger days.

Todd – Founder

A young Todd Muggerud worked for the local news when he met an Indigenous elder that would change the course of his future forever. Recently diagnosed with diabetes, Todd quickly realized the gaping health disparities between his diabetic care and that of his elder friend who was also a diabetic. Saddened by the outlook many Indigenous people had when diagnosed with illness due the lack of quality care and education, Todd created a channel to educate, entertain and empower Indigenous people on health and wellness topics while they waited to see their healthcare provider. Since then, GoodHealthTV® has grown to over 700 locations nationwide. KAT & Company has gone by many names over the years but one thing remains the same—we are a company that was built on the love for people, and that love for people will always be the reason we exist. To help every person feel empowered and encouraged to live healthier, happier, fuller lives.

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Our goal is to create lasting change in the lives of our clients and the people they serve, and for the last 35 years, we’ve done just that.

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About you

You work to create change in the lives of the people you serve. You have a heart for people and the work you do reflects that. Your actions consistently demonstrate your unwavering passion for making a positive difference.

we promise to, like you, put our heart into every project we create, remembering that our goals are not driven by the bottom line, but by people’s lives changed for the better.

Our Leadership

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Candace Muggerud



Kari Kramer

Chief of Staff


Melissa Hendrickson

Director of Production Operations and Head of Online Learning


Paul Anderson

Director of Enterprise IT & Living Local


Taylor Anderson

Creative Director


Abby Muggerud

Director of Communications


Ashley Atkinson

Business Manager

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